KitchPro Cotton Candy Floss Machine

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The carnivals would have us think that making cotton candy is like rocket science, but it isn't! All you need is sugar and a cotton candy machine to get the perfect cotton candy in just a few minutes!

All you need is sugar and a cotton candy maker. Heat up the machine, place a spoon of sugar in the middle, turn the machine on and see how the little threads of sugar appear like magic! Using a paper cone, you simply gather them up, one after one until they form a ball of cotton candy. Now you no longer need to become nauseated on the carousel or crowed in with hot-dog eaters all day in order to have a taste of some spun sugar. You can get it in the peace and quiet of your own home. That is what we at CoolStuff call quality of life.

Read the instructions carefully before making cotton candy or cleaning the machine.

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