Lone Rider MotoBags - 31L Semi-Rigid Motorcycle Bags

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  • Quick Release System pre-installed incl keys and adjustment tools - NOT INCLUDED
  • Innerbags - NOT INCLUDED
  • Combination Padlocks - NOT INCLUDED
  • Accessory kit / Goodie bag -  - NOT INCLUDED. No accessories are included. The metal plate at the back of the bag is bare and has no screws or adjustment blocks.
Listing is for bag with innerboard and metal plate only. Accessories will be required and can be purchased seperately on the Lone Rider website.

1. Semi-rigid design.
Our MotoBags are made from the soft yet extremely durable material Hypalon, and thanks to the stiffening innerboard + innerplate the MotoBags keep the same shape as hardcases but flex during a crash or tipover.

2. M.O.L.L.E. panels.
Our MotoBags are equipped with the old military attachment system on the front & back and top & bottom. Here you can attach our smaller bags (MiniBags, MicroBags, TallBags, Bottle Holders) or your own gear that is M.O.L.L.E. compatible.

3. Corner protection.
The most exposed parts of our MotoBags are its bottom corners. Whether you're doing hardcore offroading or riding fast in the corners of twisties, the rubber protectors can easily be replaced if necessary.

4. Velcro plate.
Personalize your MotoBags with the flag of your country or attach your own velcro patches - the choice is yours!

5. Rolltop closure.
No leaking rubber sealings or zippers. Our MotoBags close with a Heavy Duty rolltop closure to ensure the elements stay out from your apparel.

6. Heavy duty handles.
Mounting and removal of your MotoBags is done quick and easy.

NOT INCLUDED 7. Quick Release System - NOT INCLUDED
Our MotoBags can be adjusted to fit most tubular-shaped racks on the market. Makes it easier to pick up your bike after a crash or tip-over, as you can easily detach both MotoBags and lower the total weight of your bike. Comes pre-adjusted for BMW R1200/1250GS OEM racks. NOT INCLUDED

8. Heavy duty black closing straps.

9. Locking clamp.
Secure your gear by locking your MotoBags with the included padlock. -  PADLOCK NOT INCLUDED

Product Specs
Dimensions & Weight
Complete MotoBag incl Quick Release System and Inner Bag:
31 L: 6.91 kg / 15.23 lbs (with offset spacer/adapter)
38 L: 6.45 kg / 14.22 lbs

Materials used
Body: Hypalon

Straps: 600D Webbing

Buckles: Duraflex Warrior

Locking clamp: Anodised 5052 Aluminum Alloy

Backplate: Powdercoated 5052 Aluminum Alloy

Locking latch, QRS: 304 Stainless steel

Rack hooks / bumpers, QRS: PA66 GA30

Innerboard / Innerplate: Polyethulene

Innerbag: 500D PVC Tarpaulin

" The Motobags are tough! Every detail of these bags has been well-constructed and thought out. "

Mike Stahl


  • Quick Release System pre-installed incl keys and adjustment tools
  • Innerbags
  • Combination Padlocks
  • Accessory kit / Goodie bag - No accessories are included. The metal plate at the back of the bag is bare.
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