Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFit - XL

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From the manufacturer:


Nordic Lifting Offers Premium Accessories for Weightlifting Workouts

  • Carefully Crafted With Premium Quality 7mm Neoprene and Reinforced Stitching 
  • Ergonomic Sleeve Design for Extra Comfort and the Perfect Fit

SIZING - please see Sizing Chart in the listing images above
Straighten your leg and measure the circumference of your knee (mid patella). Use a flexible type tape measure. 
➤ XS: under 11.8" 
➤ S: 11.8" - 13" 
➤ M: 13" - 14.2" 
➤ L: 14.2" - 15.7" 
➤ XL: 15.7" - 17" 
➤ XXL: 17" - 18.3" 

Who can benefit from using Knee Sleeves?
• Beginners as well as seasoned fitness individuals - a "Must Have" for Squatting 
• Anyone that wants to improve performance, prevent injury or rehabilitate an old knee injury 
• Both men and women 

Sleeves Functionality
- INCREASE PERFORMANCE: Whether you're an elite athlete or a novice, these sleeves help you to perform at the top of your ability 
- AVOID INJURY: By adding support to our body's weaker joints we can avoid unnecessary injury and pain 
- SPEED UP RECOVERY: The compression helps relieve muscle and joint pain as well as aids in muscle recovery & rehabilitation 
- WARMING EFFECT: The sleeves efficiently reduce stiff muscles and joints by retaining heat, which in turn reduces risk of injury 
- Use for all kinds of Workout such as Powerlifting, Cross Training, Gym and other Fitness Activity 

Inside Package
- 1 Pair of Knee Sleeves 

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